First Aid Kits

Industrial Kit

Ideal for use in offices, restaurants and warehouses.
Includes: 156 assorted BAND-AID® bandages, Antiseptic wipes, Neosporin®
ointment, First aid tape, Gauze pads, Nitrile examiniation gloves, Coach® Instant
Cold Pack , Johnson & Johnson Survival Wrap, Tweezers and a First aid guide.
OCS2127 - Industrial Kit

Office/Professional Kit

Lightweight kit contains a variety of first aid essentials, 158 items in all,
for a staff of up to 25 people.
Includes: Adhesvie bandages, Anitseptic wipes, Tylenol, Motrin, Burn cream
Gauze pads, Gloves, First aid tape, Eye Pads, Elastic bandages, Cold pack
Scissors, Tweezers, Non-stick pads, Antibiotic Ointment and a First aid guide.
OCS2123 - Office/Professional Kit

All Purpose First Aid Kit

General Purpose kit for offices and warehouses.
Includes: Adhesvie bandages, Butterfly closure bandages, Gauze pads,
Anitseptic wipes, Gloves, First aid tape, Cold pack and a First aid guide.
OCS2124 - All Purpose First Aid Kit

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